La Bussola Spa & Treatments

For your relaxation

How wonderful to indulge in sensations of pure well-being! Our Spa will give you moments of pleasant relaxation and skilful and effective treatments!

After a busy day, trust the ability and experience of our Wellness professionals! A wonderfully relaxing environment, clouds of delicate aromas and intoxicating essences await you!


After a day of activities, a whirlpool break is what you need! Guaranteed relax, muscle relaxation, but also stimulation of circulation, toning and skin purification: how beneficial is whirlpool!

Turkish bath

Wrap yourself in the wonderful clouds of the Steam Bath! A panacea for the respiratory tract, to combat stress and dissolve muscle tension! You will come out absolutely relaxed! What a wonderful well-being!


From time to time, a beneficial session in the Sauna is just what you need! Thanks to the dry heat and high temperature your pores will dilate and you will eliminate all the toxins you have accumulated! Sauna, for these kind of things, is definitely priceless!

Ice Waterfall

After the heat of Turkish Bath and Sauna, there is nothing better than spend some moments in the Ice Waterfall! Let yourself be pervaded by cold chills! The thermal contrast will stimulate the immune and circulatory systems and you will gain in well-being and health!

Emotional Showers

And finally, it's time for Emotional Showers! Rain, fog, aromas and sounds will project you into another world! A world of complete, wonderful well-being... What an incredible experience is an Emotional Shower!

Relaxation Area

After a healthy journey to the Wellness Center and before resuming your active holiday, you really need a moment of relaxation! Our comfortable chaise longues are waiting for you to guarantee the most relaxing moments! Enjoy!

La Bussola Spa & Treatments